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addis abiba

ADDIS ABABA: with a population of 4million, is the third highest capital in the world, at 2400meters / 8000ft /. The city was founded by Menelik II in 1887. the original city was built on top of nearby Mount Entoto ( 3000meters /10,000 ft ), but was relocated to a more convenient location chosen by Queen Taitu. The name means new flower, named by Queen Taitu for a flowering memos  tree that inspired her.

The city has a nice cool climate and the eucalyptus tree introduced by Menelik II give the city its nickname, Eucalptopolis the UN economic commission for Africa and the Africa Union have their headquarters in Addis Ababa. St. George's Cathedral was built to honor the Ethiopian triumph against the Italians in 1896. lion park honors Ethiopia's national symbol.

There are nine museums in the city; exhibits include the ancient scrolls in the Menelik Mausoleum, the 3 million year old pre-human bones of  'Lucy' in the National Museum, and historic stamps in the postal Museum. The Mercato Market is the largest in Afric


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