Historical and Culturial Tours

We have many different tours availiable but the important thing about all our tours is that they are completely flexible and can constitue a tour from one day to over two weeks. You tell us what you would like to do and we will organise it. We will organise all travel including flights.

A the moment we have tours which involve some of the following:

  • City tour of Addis Abiba including the Merkato (east Africa largest market,)  the National Museum, the Entoto Hills & the church of St Mark
  • Tours of Lalibela and all its beautiful chruches.
  • Community trekking around Meket.
  • Visit Yemrhanne Kirsto, Belbala Cherkos and Belbala Giorgies, Nakuta Lab.
  • Visit Bahir Dar and visit the Blue Nile Waterfall and the island monastry Gorgora.
  • In Bahir Dar, visit the grain and basket markets and drive to the palace of the late King Hallie Salassie to have a view of the town, the river and the lake.
  • Visit Lake Tana.
  • Trps into the Simien Mountains
  • Tours of Gondar and Debrebrahan Selassie church and Imperial Complex, Fasildas Pool, Kuskuam complex and Flasha village
  • Meet the Awra Amba people
  • Visit Awash National Park
  • Tour of Harar and Dire Dawa.
  • Tour of Axum
  • Visit Debre Libanos
  •  Visit the Yeha Temple and the church of Aba Haftse and on to the Monastery of Debre Damo
  • Visit Bale Mountain National Park
  • Visit the Omo Valley
  • Visit the Denekil Depression


Day 1 After check in, city tour of Addis which includes all attractions

Day 2 Drive to Bahir Dar, north of Addis stop  at the Debre Libanos to visit some historical places.

Day 3 Visit the Blue Nile falls;  Boat trip on Lake Tana. Visit Emperor Haile Selassie Palace.

Day 4 Drive to Gondar and visit all attractions. Afternoon visit  Falashas village  (the former Ethiopian Jews).

Day 5 Start to the beautiful scenery of the Semien Mountains and the Tekeze Gorge drive north to the ancient city of Axum, including lunch.

Day 6 Explore the ancient city and see all the famous places of Axum.

Day 7 tart from Axum to Mekele. On the way visit the Yeha Temple and the church of Aba Haftse. Continue northwards to the Monastery of Debre Damo. Lunch at the town of Adigrat.

Day 8 Drive to Lalibela- home of 12th century rock hewn churches.

Day 9 In the morning visit the first group of the rock churches and after lunch visit the 2nd group of churches. 

Day 10 Mule riding trip through scenic upland countries to on of the churches outlying the town. Afternoon  visit the last of the churches in Lalibela. 

Day 11 Start the journey back to Addis by driving to Dessie.  Arrival  to Dessie in the afternoon.

Day 12 Drive back to Addis through beautiful countryside. End of the Tour.



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