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The antiquated name to Ethiopia is Abyssinia “land of burnt face” to mean people with brown faces. It is the oldest country in Africa, aging for more than 3000 years of age.


In the horn of Africa (the horn-shaped piece which is found on the north-eastern side of the continent)


The topography is amazingly varied. Ethiopia includes both world’s lowest point (the Denakil Depression-120 meters below see-level) and the forth highest mountain in Africa, (Ras Dashen 4543m). In total Ethiopia contains more than 20 mountains above 4000meters. The Rift Valley runs north to south cross almost the whole length of eastern Ethiopia. Most People live on the central plateau area of the country, which have the most pleasant climate. Lake Tana is the largest lake in Ethiopia

Denakil Depression


The climate varies greatly across the country, ranging from the extremely hot Denakil depression (where the temperature can reach as high 55oc), to the delightful temperate climate (with clear blue skies, and hot days but cool night) of the central plateau, to the high mountains where snow falls each winter The annual rains turn the countryside bright green, with a profusion of wildflowers, particularly the yellow mescal.



There are more than 80 different ethnic groups in Ethiopia, and all of these have their own languages-mainly of Semitic, Cushitic and Omotic origins



Ethiopia developed without ever being colonized and therefore has a completely unique culture of its own, including its musical styles and instruments, its dance, food, beverages, clothes etc



Ortodox-Christianity is the dominant religion, almost entirely in the form of the Ethiopian orthodox church (again, completely unique). Islam is also the other religion and that the Ethiopian orthodox church co-exist entirely peacefully.



Amharic(one of the original local languages) is official working language. Both its alphabet/ script are unique of Ethiopia, although with some similarities to the Arabic script. More than 80 ethnic do have as many languages as they are.



Ethiopia is known as “the cradle of mankind”. The oldest Humanoid skeleton, dating from amazingly 3.2million years ago, and nicknamed Lucy, was found in Ethiopia. The country’s 3000 years independent existence also make it one of the oldest nation state in the world.



Ethiopia has own unique alphabets, Calendars, meals, natural hospitality, welcoming and cultured people. According to which it celebrates the beginning of the 3rd millennium this September It also has unique bread, called Injiera -You'll never forget your first Injera experience The Ethiopians themselves have a natural dignity and are delighted to welcome visitors to their homeland, and to explain their culture and history We can arrange all types of holiday, from those which primarily involve sightseeing and visiting major historical sites, to those which offer a chance to do something more active, or to get closer to the life of the country and its people.


Explore Abyssinia

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