The Kaffa Region is home to the wild coffee plant. This fertile terraced land is the center of the coffee producing industry Jimma is the trading center in the region, and was once an important and wealth city for the Oromo monarchy.

There is a place and a museum in the city, and 36 medieval Stella (Obelisks ) at Tiya which make it a world heritage site. Coffee , coffee originated in Ethiopia and first spread to Yemaen, where it was called Qaheh. For centuries after the discovery that it was being edible and stimulating it was eaten, not drunk; or it was crushed and mixed with batter, which is still done in remove areas. It was also made into wine coffee was first made into its liquid from in the 13th century, now popular around the world. The coffee ceremony ( Buna ) is and elaborate ritual after a meal which last at least a hour.

A woman washer, roasts, crushes and boils the beans sugar is put in a cup and then coffee is poured over it. incense is burnt and popcorn is served. Having at least three cups is polite, and each round uses the same grounds.


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