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We offer extensive tours all over Ethiopia. We can create an itinerary based on your suggestions or we can also create one for you!

We can create tours for a little as 1 night or for as long as 1 month.


Sseveral of the volcanic peak’s in this park are over 4000m ( 13,000 ft ) high. Woodlands grow at higher elevation which have many flowing steams meaning there is plentiful wildlife to be seen. This includes the Ethiopian wolf, red fox, warthog, leopards, baboon, bushback colobus monkey and over 200 birds special ( 16 of the endemic ). There is also good fishing in this part of Ethiopia.

The Omar Caves contain an Islamic limestone shrine and is one of the most extensive cave systems in the world. The Bale Mountains are home to the Oromo people. The road through the park is the highest all weather road in Africa. Yabello sanctuary protect the Swayne’s Hartebeest and four endemic birds, including a swallow and an extremely rare Turacol. Other animals present in the sanctuary include zebra, giraffe and kudu.

Our trips can include the following :

  • Dinsho : Great place for game viewing.
  • Mararo
  • Wollo Rivers
  • Shaiya Valley
  • Teogona Valley
  • Crane Lake. Famous for many types of water birds, including, unsurpringly, the Crane.
  • Herenna Forst : Has much wildlife including lions, leopards, black and white colobus monkeys.
  • Arsie and Kaka Mountain Ranges
  • Sanette. Aalpine landscape and famous for the Ethiopian red jackel.
  •  Sof Omer Cave
  •  Lake Langano
  • Abiyata Shalla National Park.
  •  Gay Say 
  • Goba
  • Sanneti Plateau up to Deemtu . A very nice place to hike.
  • Awassa. A famous fish market.
  •  Lake Abiyata. A famouns bird sanctuary.
  • Butajira
  • Sodoare
  • Lake Koka and Ziway.
  • Lake Langano.
  • Shlla National Park.
  • Nazreth
  • Gent


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