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We offer extensive tours all over Ethiopia. We can create an itinerary based on your suggestions or we can also create one for you!

We can create tours for a little as 1 night or for as long as 1 month.


The Omo River Valley with Omo National Park is interspersed with grassland and acacia, which is the habitat for numerous wildlife, including Zebra, Giraffe, Elephant, Lions, Leopardsand Parrots.

The Mursi and numerous other people live in this region. The regions is famous for its 1500meter / 5000ft / deep canyon and 300 meter / 1000ft / waterfall and hot spring.

The oldest discovered humanoid was found this river valley. Mago National Park, along The Omo River in the Mursi Mountains is home to Giraffe, Swaynes, hartebeest, Buffalo, Elephant, Zebra, Lion, & Leopard

  • We can visit some of the following places:
  • Tiya. Famous for its rock hewn church.
  • Arba Minch. Overlooks Lake Abaya and Lake Chamo.
  • Nech-Sar National Park. Great game viewing opportunties here.
  • Jinka. Visit a Konso Village.
  • Mago National Park. Great game viewing opportunties.
  • Murate. View the special hairsytles, dress and body painting of the Karo and Hamar.
  • Dimeka. Along a rmote savannah.
  • Arbo Genet
  • Turmi
  • Nechisar National park
  • Roki


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