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We offer extensive tours all over Ethiopia. We can create an itinerary based on your suggestions or we can also create one for you!

We can create tours for a little as 1 night or for as long as 1 month.


Treks can be arranged all over the Simien Mountains which will be focused on your particular intrerest, e.g. hiking, climbing, wildlife, birdwatching etc

You can even hike from the Simiens all the way to Lalibela.

We are registered company and all our guides are from the local area and fully trained. They are familiar with all mountains and have excellent knowledge of all flora and fauna. The Simiens has many species of bird including the lammergeyer, augur buzzard, Verreaux's Eagle, Kestrel and falcon.

There are excellent changes of spotting the Ibex, wolf, the red fox,  the Gelada and Hamadryads baboon, klipspringer and bushbuck,

We can provide all gear requied and cooks, porters if necessary.

Hikes can be arranged which will cover all or some of the following places:

  • Sanka Bar :
  • Gich
  • Cheenek
  • Ambiko
  • RasDashen (Highest mountain in Ethopia, 4,550 metres.
  • Debremariam
  • Sisomender
  • Tekeze
  • Bamba
  • Kidam
  • Serlibanos
  • Sekota
  • Kombolcha
  • Wellidya
  • Digdigit
  • Tekeze
  • Kedame
  • Welehgnu
  • Belbela
  • Kurana
  • Kuaroach
  • Tela Wonz
  • Methlal
  •  Hawazat
  • Toloka
  • Adirkay
  • Arkwasye
  • Trumata 
  • Dimi
  • Aykotba
  • Nariya
  • Nangwa
  •  Kerneja.
  • Sona
  • Sawre
  • Tsyon
  • Belese.


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